The Boomer Bible contains services for Harrification, Matrimony, and Burial of the Dead. Each of these is, of course, based on the teachings of the Chief, Harry - First Born After the Bomb.

This is one of the Brayers that may or may not be said during the service for the deceased:

Duly deceased, you are on your own now, a chemical residue interred in a box, and we have done the best we can in getting everybody here today, and that is as much as you should expect from us. In addition, we would also like to take this moment to apologize, as sincerely as Harriers can, for all those things which we may do in your name to point the finger of blame at others who are hindering the fulfillment of our desires. From time to time, we may even seek to blame you for those things which you did when you were alive, but since you are now dead, why should you care? Even so, we mumble this small apology as our final tribute to whatever it was that made you such a great and special human being to all of the other Harriers who have come here to start forgetting you on this day. So there.

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