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Burning Corn is a yearly (twice so far) festival in the north-east of Ohio, between Columbus and Cleveland. In conjunction with "Stupidfest" and its organizers, Burning Corn and Stupidfest share 20 acres of festival space and time.

Primarily, Burning Corn is a mild attempt to bring some of the spirit of Burning Man to the midwest, since there were few similar festivals nearby at its inception in 2000. The name mainly pokes fun at Ohio for being perceived as a state with wall-to-wall corn. See Burning Corn's website (http://evolution-control.com/burningcorn) for more details about its location and recommendations for preparation if you wish to go. Best of all, admission is free!

The festival features disorganized artistic displays, slightly more organized live bands, similarly semi-organized DJs, and far less organized toilets. Best of all, you get to see an ear of corn larger than you burn to the ground.

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