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Reginald Bushroot was a vegetation scientist at a University. He was a pariah, and therefore was incessantly teased and taunted by other scientists, such as Dr. Gary and Dr. Larson, and was seen in a dark light by his boss Dean Tightbill. However, one scientist named Dr. Rhoda Dendron seemed to like him. But most of her affection towards Bushroot was from pity . Bushroot ignored Dendron’s reasons and loved the attention her was getting from the person he was in love with.

Due to his ambition, Bushroot rushed to finish a project that would let ducks live off sun – similar to plants. He hooked himself up to a plant and transferred its ability to live off the sun onto his body. At first, it appeared to have had done nothing at all, but when he went outside he started transforming into part plant and part duck! He also found out that he could control surrounding vegetation. Overjoyed with his plant powers, he went back to the university and punished the people who made his life horrible. After that, he took Rhoda to also transform her into half duck, and half plant, so they could be married. As usual, Darkwing Duck saved Dendron and made Bushroot his enemy.

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