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Gratifying meal at the end of a hard work day

After seeing a wonderful audio slideshow about the best Steak Frites in Paris on the New York Times’ website yesterday, the best girlfriend and I started to have cravings for Steak Frites. A look in the fridge indicated no beef, but we had two beautiful pork butterfly steaks sitting there, waiting to be eaten. The only problem was: how to make this wonderful sauce the french serve with their steak frites. It always tastes like a mysterious mixture of red wine and butter, so I experimented a bit, and this was what I came up with:

Heat the butter and the olive oil in a heavy skillet until very hot. Brown the steaks on both sides for ca 2 minutes. Reduce the heat and remove the steaks, putting them in an oven at ca 100 degrees celsius until sauce is ready to be served (ca 15 minutes).

Add red wine to pan and remove fond from the bottom and well up. Now add finely chopped onions and let them slowly soften without burning them. When the onions are ready, add sour cream, crumpled cheese and mustard and stir vigourously. If you want to, you can zip the sauce through a food processor to smooth its consistency, but I am quite happy with the course texture of the onions.

Remove Steaks from oven and serve them with the sauce. Add frites, baked or roast potatoes, just as you like. Have your meal with a nice red wine and a large bowl of salad.


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