Hoare has contributed a lot to the computer science field, inventing things we now take for granted, such as case statements, and the Quicksort algorithm. He had also been instrumental in the creation of the ALGOL programming language.

Hoare is also the inventor of the "monitor model" (oftentimes called "Hoare's monitor model") for multithreaded applications. This was made popular by Java's inherent support for a version of the monitor model. Hoare is also father of the Z specification language, and a concurrent programming model, Communicating Sequential Processes.

C. Antony R. Hoare received the Turing Award in 1980 for his "fundamental contributions to the definition and design of programming languages."

He has a website is at: http://users.comlab.ox.ac.uk/tony.hoare/
and http://www.research.microsoft.com/~thoare/

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