Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA)

The CCSA is the precursor to the CCSE. This certification is for network and system administrators who are responsible for the installation and administration of their FireWall-1 system. The CCSA course starts with an overview of Firewall-1, and discusses the basics of Firewall applications. It focuses on installation of the software, implementation, set-up, and installing and maintaining a security policy.

To obtain a CCSA, a working knowledge of Windows NT or Unix, and TCP/IP is required. There is a 2 day hands-on course, and a 100 question exam.

Author's Note: The CCSA is a fucking hard-ass test! The questions are worded in grade-school level English at best, and are nowhere near anything resembling clarity. There are spelling errors, and one question didn't even have the correct answer listed! It had a RIGHT answer, but not the Correct answer. Some questions even have repeat answers. (i.e.: Multiple choice, and answers A and E are the same.) Word on the street says that the CCSE is even harder, and worded just as badly. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow.

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