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A branch of fluid dynamics that supports experimental/theoretical fluid dynamics by performing the simulation of real flows.

"The world's an exciting place when you know CFD." - anonymous

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Phase IV of the (Memorial Tunnel Fire Ventilation Test Program) is the development of a computation fluid dynamics (CFD) model that will permit the data obtained form the Memorial Tunnel Tests to be extrapolated, or interpolated, to any road tunnel configuration. It will permit the design alternative of longitudinal ventilation in either new and/or existing tunnels since it will be possible to observe how any particular tunnel behaves under an emergency fire condition. It will also permit tunnel managers of existing tunnels to develop an emergency procedure, utilizing their existing ventilation system, to effectively combat heat and smoke in case of fire. The preliminary model has been developed and will be tested and evaluated within the next three months. After many years of development, the Project is nearing completion and the CFD should be available by the beginning of the 2000 millennium New Year! (FHWA)

Acronym for Call For Discussion.

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