The perfect place to glaze into the eyes of that loved one. Slightly tipsy, though..

The Cafe Fleur is a cafe cum bar cum pub (the definition is really tricky, as you can get drunk like a fart without causing any upset just as easy as just having a coffee with a pastry. It works, though) that is open from 10am in the morning to 3am at night. It serves small meals and nice little pastries during the day, but also has a couple of good beers on tap and has some mean cocktails. The coffee is generally excellent and the staff mostly of the fff kind: female, foreign, friendly. If you're only used to London, all you have to do is swab an ozzie accent for a french or spanish accent and you know what I mean.

As it is located bang in the middle of the city just on the border to the campus it is the perfect place to crash after a night out on the town and chill with your friends, sampling some nice french bubbly.

The decoration is, er, flowery with some pieces of art standing around and hanging on the walls. Yhe audience is mixed with a slight emphasis towards the literary types, but fortunately they mostly keep to themselves and have a book that they're pretending to read.

A small stage is used for weekly classical concertos: very nice is the sunday breakfast with a string quartet playing Brahms. The music streaming out of the pa is either classical or latino scented, but always unintrusive and soft enough to gently whisper something in you loved one's ear.

Albeit tipsy.

Cafe Fleur
50674 Köln Lindenstr. 10
Tel.: 0221-244897

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