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Noun- 1. Strange, precious metal that's often used to make garments. More precious than gold.

2. Huge, mythical beast with feet about 15' across. (4.5 metres)

3. Highest hand in poker.

4. Online bank.

(See the advert. Non- Brits may not understand this, as they may not have seen the advert- to explain, www.cahoot.com released an advert over here, showing a man wearing a garment made out of a fabulous fabric the tailor says is "Cahoot"; next scene, 2 old man in an old west setting are in a river, sieving the water. One finds a lump of something. Other ask's if it's cahoot. First says "Naah, it's just another lump of gold." Tosses it away. Third, party of archeologists in a barren plain. Lead comments that his findings show that it's Cahoot country. Another asks what we should do. "Nothing. Unless we find a footprint." "What do we do then?" "Run like the wind." Zoom out. They're standing in a huge footprint. and fourth part, there are 6 gangsters round a table. American Gangster says it's his lucky day and tells all he has a Royal Flush. English Gangster interrupts him as he gathers the chips. "Not so fast." Lays down his cards; We can't see them. "Ca-hoot." "You godda be kiddin' me." Looks. "Cahoot! The kid's got cahoot!" Pretty good advert.)

Ca*hoot" (?), n. [Perhaps fr. f. cohorte a a company or band.]

Partnership; as to go in cahoot with a person.

[Slang, southwestern U. S.]



© Webster 1913.

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