Somewhere in Kentucky, there is a graveyard in which stand two houses. The first is called the House of Mystery and the other the House of Secrets. The caretakers of these two houses are two brothers, Cain and Abel.

So is the story of these two brothers within the realm of DC Comics. Cain was the first to appear, created by Joe Orlando, Bob Haney, and Jack Sparling. He first appeared in House of Mystery #175 in August of 1968. Nearly a year later, Abel, created by Gerry Conway and Jerry Grandenetti, appeared in House of Secrets #81 in August for 1969. These two brothers acted as the storytellers within their respective comics, rather as the more famous Cryptkeeper did in the Tales of the Crypt comics.

The history of these two brothers has been told and retold and all evidence points to them being the biblical men, spoken of in the book of Genesis. In the Genesis account, Cain killed his brother Abel in jealousy, bringing a curse upon himself. These two characters now carry on that age old battle, with Cain constantly losing his temper and killing the slower, simpler Abel in anger.

The houses the two reside in are also part of the Dreaming, a realm ruled by Dream or Morpheus, the personification of dreaming. The have served as Dream's agents for many years, spinning tales of mystery and evil.

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