Commissioned: 1964

Mileage: 65 miles, all constructed; mostly freeway

Counties traversed: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside

This freeway has one of the worst reputations in the area for congestion, despite that it isn't the most heavily traveled - although, it is one of only a few ways into the Inland Empire, and despite the congestion through the Santa Ana Canyon, the fastest way from anywhere in Orange County into Corona - or vice versa.

This route starts off around where Artesia Blvd. crosses Interstate 405 and continues as Artesia until just before Interstate 110, when it becomes freeway; from there, it continues until just past Riverside, where it effectively turns into Interstate 215 at the point where it crosses California Highway 60.

The route used to be part of US Highway 91 and US Highway 14 until the great renumbering.

The road is called the Gardena Freeway in LA County, and the Riverside Freeway in Orange and Riverside Counties, after its two terminating cities.

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