In game 3 of the 1932 World Series New York Yankee Babe Ruth stepped to plate in an unfriendly Wrigley Field in Chicago. The fans had been all over Ruth all day especially after Ruth had launched a first inning home run out of "the Friendly Confines". Now in the fifth with the game tied at four Ruth took a few pitches from Cub pitcher Charlie Root, and then stepped out of the batter's box and called time.

At this point Ruth makes a motion with his bat out toward the centerfield stands. On the next pitch Ruth jacks the ball into the centerfield stands seemingly exactly where he pointed with his bat. It became known as the "Called Shot", though Root went to his grave claiming that Ruth was simply "adjusting his sleeve". Ruth was smart enough to keep his mouth shut about it. And lore is born.

Little known extra: The next batter, Lou Gehrig, homered right after The Called Shot.

In games of pool, a called shot is one that is announced by the player prior to shooting. The announcement designates the object ball and its intended pocket. It is generally necessary to indicate combinations and bank shots as these are not considered obvious.

The opening break is never considered a called shot.

Want more information? Please see billiards.

Called Shot is an ability first learned by level 4 archers in Baldur's Gate II. The archer is a ranger kit in the game. As the class advances the ability becomes more and more powerful.

At level four, the Called Shot reduces the target's THAC0 by one point, making it more difficult for it to hit your party members. At level eight the ability also inflicts a one point penalty to the target's saving throw vs. magic. At level twelve the target loses one point of strength, and at level sixteen two points of missile damage are incurred. These effects are cumulative, and due to the experience cap in the game the archer cannot become stronger than level seventeen. Although they can max out at level thirty-four in the expansion pack Called Shot does not gain any new bonuses.

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