Can we change the constellations of stars if we wanted, or

should we wait for the global rotation, pirouettes of light?




My calendar is cruelly efficient 

when it says it is March,  I know it is so 


Winter loses its grip on longer days 

trees regain leaves and their shadows stretch out 


Another day, another week another year

long days melt one into another 


Some nights are clearer than others and

If we watch closely we can see constellations shift 


Whole groups of stars moving across the horizon

taking up their summer residence in a different part of our galaxy

their own version of timeshare 


Do people send you notes about how long it has been? 

Five years, ten years?    It cannot be possible.  

Maybe they are telling me a story


My calendar is efficient,  however 

it never lies 











Title and first stanza from Templeton- thankyou

I can change my constellations


just buy a ticket
to the other side of the world
away from all this
and see the Phoenix and Chameleon and Crus and others

Oh, I want to go

and leave my difficulties and time behind
taking a small bag and only my best self
timeless, eternal and without age

the stars set, the sun rises

and I go on

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