In French, it is known as the Festival International du Film de Cannes. Europe's most important film festival. Held each year in the middle of May, it gives a few awards to the nominated movies (usually twenty) including the golden palm, for best overall movie, the Camera d'Or for the best first film and awards for best actors and actress. There are also other lists of selected movies, such as Un Certain Regard, La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, La Semaine de la Critiques. The jury changes each year, it is made of famous actors, directors and other personalities more or less involved with movie-making. Its last five directors were David Cronenberg, Luc Besson, actress Liv Ullman, David Lynch, Patrick Chéreau ; this year's is Quentin Tarantino.

Usually among its selection are many of the world's good movies of the year. Most of the movies of the Coen Brothers, of Lars von Trier, of Jim Jarmusch, of Emir Kusturica, of Wong Kar Wai, among many others, had their premiere at Cannes. However be aware that the movies nominated there are for those that consider that movies are art.

The festival is the center of glamour during the dozen days it lasts. Many stars and starlets may be seen on the beach or walking up the stairs to the "Palais du Festival". There is also a big film market in Cannes at the same time ; many film are sold and bought, usually for distribution on the European market.

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