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Captain Zyrain was a Federal in Trade Wars 2002. There were 2 other Federals, but I can't remember their names. They weren't important, though, it was Captain Zyrain who protected weaker players who were in FedSpace with his invincible ship, the Intrepid. Well, it was invincible as long as you weren't cheating. If you were to attack a low enough player (I believe anything under Warrant Officer), Captain Zyrain would warp in the Intrepid with its 75,000 fighters and a blaring message would come screaming across your sub-space radio:

"This is Captain Zyrain, of the StarShip Intrepid, your hostile
 act has been noticed and I feel that I must inform you of the dire
 consequences that you are asking for.  No space piracy will take place
 in Federation space while I am commanding the Intrepid!

 Intrepid out..."

He didn't tolerate hostilities against the Federation either. If you decided to attack him you'd find your trusty escape pod to (usually) be functioning normally.

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