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"Carolina Red", Duplin (County, NC, USA) Wine Cellars

Not your typical red wine, by any stretch. This is a particularly Southern back porch wine best served chilled. It's a very sweet wine made from muscadine grapes -- which have the highest concentration of resveratrol, a compound that reduces blood cholesterol. So there's a healthy reason to drink the stuff (or any other red). Treat it as a dessert wine; don't be a wine snob and automatically dismiss it. If this is too sweet for you, their Hatteras Red is more dry and their Scuppernong Blush blends muscadines with, well, scuppernong (sweet, white) grapes.

The two extremes in North Carolina winemaking are at opposite ends of the state. Biltmore Estates in Asheville, NC makes very traditional wines; Duplin Wine Cellars goes the rustic Southern route. It's good to see that Duplin County is good for producing more than hog farms.

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