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A Pantone shade named by Magnetic Fields mainman, Stephin Merritt. He was invited to name the colour after Pantone was made aware of a lyric from the Magnetic Fields song "Reno Dakota", 'It's making me blue, PANTONE® 292'.

The below is taken from the Pantone website (http://www.pantone.com/colorgame/answers.htm), and is Stephin's comment on how he came up with the name.

"Carolyn Eve" Green

"I named this color for my friend, Carolyn Eve. She lives in the pine-addled Rocky Mountains. However dark things grow, she is still green. If vegetables were Carolyn Eve Green, children would be happier to eat them. This is a good color for camouflage, carpet, a wristwatch or the book jacket of a collection of Russian writings, for example, Chekhov's plays. It is not advisable for lampshades, eyeshadow or milk cartons. Using it in stripes on a field of pale salmon (PANTONE® 197@50%) could be quite shocking. It would be great for biotech business cards."

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