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A tale of Carrot boy's adventures, by James Kochalka Superstar. If not for a few naughty bits this could pass for a kid's album. There's a dozen-page comic insert with the CD, and the entire CD repeats without vocals so that you, too, may sing along. Wild!

  1. Overture to Carrot Boy
  2. Genius (the scientist loathes humanity)
  3. Army (a great plan forms)
  4. Mrs. Potter's Garden (the scientist hops the fence)
  5. Stormy Weather (the townspeople are afraid)
  6. Drink Water (plants soak up the rain)
  7. The Secret Origin of Carrot Boy (carrot boy sings to mrs. potter)
  8. The Argument (good vs. evil)
  9. Hey Kitty! (carrot boy makes a friend)
  10. Crumple (playing with a piece of paper)
  11. Pathetic (the scientist has hurt feelings)
  12. Explosion (the scientist hurts the kitty)
  13. Kitty in a Coma (carrot boy cries)
  14. The Miracle (kitty wakes up)
  15. She Loves Me (the kitty and carrot boy together again)
  16. Why Can't We All Be Carrot Boy? (all's well that ends well)
  17. twenty seconds of silence
  18. introduction to instrumental tracks
  19. Overture to Carrot Boy (instrumental)
  20. Genius (instrumental)
  21. Army (instrumental)
  22. Mrs. Potter's Garden (instrumental)
  23. Stormy Weather (instrumental)
  24. Drink Water (instrumental)
  25. The Secret Origin of Carrot Boy (instrumental)
  26. The Argument (instrumental)
  27. Hey Kitty! (instrumental)
  28. Crumple (instrumental)
  29. Pathetic (instrumental)
  30. Explosion (instrumental)
  31. Kitty In A Coma (instrumental)
  32. The Miracle (instrumental)
  33. She Loves Me (instrumental)
  34. Why Can't We All Be Carrot Boy? (instrumental)

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