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Carryin' On with Johnny Cash and June Carter was released by Columbia Records in 1967, and has been re-issued in 2002 on Columbia/Legacy with two additional tracks (The Wind Changes, From Sea to Shining Sea). The album consists entirely of duets between Johnny Cash and June Carter (who became June Carter-Cash a year after this recording). This doesn’t limit the variety of songs in the least, as the duo take on two Ray Charles covers (I Got a Woman, What’d I Say), and a Bob Dylan cover (It Ain’t Me Babe), in addition to more mainstream country tunes like Jackson. (As a side note, Jackson was so popular, that this album was originally re-released under that name.)

June Carter’s throaty, yet sweet, voice compliments Cash’s heavier bass well without being overwhelmed. Her singing is solid; and, with her easygoing technique, rescues a couple of songs that struggle, most notably What’d I Say. Cash has said that his only regret in marrying June is that her formidable talents tend to be overlooked as a result of his success. Carryin’ On belies that statement, with a balanced, entertaining performance by both Cash and Carter.

  1. Long-Legged Guitar Pickin' Man
  2. Shantytown
  3. It Ain't Me Babe
  4. Fast Boat To Sydney
  5. Pack Up Your Sorrows
  6. I Got A Woman
  7. Jackson
  8. Oh, What A Good Thing We Had
  9. You'll Be All Right
  10. No, No, No
  11. What'd I Say
  12. The Wind Changes*
  13. From Sea to Shining Sea*

* = Bonus track on 2002 release

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