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The most space efficient way to organize and transport large CD and DVD collections larger than 200 jewel cases or an equal number of DVD window boxes.

The binders are quite durable and come in sizes ranging from 6 disks to >200. Each disk pocket has a clear front so you can read the disk label and a soft cloth back to prevent scratching the disk surface.

I just looked over at my Case Logic CD zipper cases on my desk, and I realized how long they have served me.

Case Logic makes perhaps the best CD cases on the planet. I have two cases, each holding 12 CDs. I have had them for about 5 years, and the only signs of age are in the faded Case Logic logo. Other than that, there is absolutely no damage, and no signs of wear. I'm forced to wonder how the newer Case Logic cases will fare against my older ones. I hope they kept their quality.

These cases are very simple. With a storage capacity of 12 CDs, the thickness of the case is equivilant to about 4 CD jewel cases. Plenty of padding keeps the CDs safe, and the zipper is quite durable.

I know Case Logic makes larger binders, but I prefer the smaller cases. They're more portable than the larger binder-like cases, and they fit well with my portable CD player. I've found it's best to organize my CDs that I use frequently in one case (most frequent to least frequent, front to back), and the lesser used CDs in the older case. That makes them very easy to find (as if flipping through a book of 12 CDs were difficult.)

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