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Ground breaking Danish comedy show.
in english: C.C. and the Mandrildeal. Broadcasted first time feb. 1999 and continued to nov. 1999, on national Danish television
Without regards to viewer ratings, Caper Christensen, Lars Hjortshøj, Frank Hvam and Lasse Rimmer, made one of the best (and sometimes worst) Danish tv shows ever.
The most important thing about C.C. and mandrildeal is that it was so experimenting, everything could be done and everything could be said. So despite their low budget they made some pretty amasing shows sometimes.
The show was a talk show with some sketches. Some of the guests included the conflake covered man (so terrible to look at that he has to live in a closet), gentleman finn (who just wants to please Casper, but always ends up diappointing him), John Cleese was even a guest in one of the shows.
If you want to know more (and understand danish), here's a link www.mandril.dk

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