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The "Cat Girl" was a fictional character, created by Robert Bernstein and John Giunta for Archie Comics' Adventures of the Fly comic book. Her first appearance was in issue #9 (Nov. 1960).

According to the comic book, the "Cat Girl" was an ancient Egyptian goddess, the model for the Great Sphinx. She had cat-like abilities, and the power to command all feline creatures. She also maintained a secret identity, Lydia Fellin. Originally a foe of The Fly, she later became an enemy of the Jaguar, before becoming his friend.

The "Cat Girl" also appeared in:

  • Archie's Super Hero Comics Digest Magazine #2, (1979)
    (reprint of "The Fly Meets the Cat Girl" from The Fly #9)
  • The Jaguar #5, (March 1962)
  • The Jaguar #13, (Aug, 1963)
  • The Jaguar #14, (Oct. 1963)

The "Cat Girl" should not be confused with the catgirl.

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