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The ancient center of Elvendom in Middle-Earth. A breath-takingly beautiful hill in Lórien, named after Lord Amroth (king of Lothlórien prior to Celeborn and Galadriel's reign). Yellow elanor and pale niphredil flowers grew copiously here. At the top of the hill two rings of trees stood, the outer ring consisted of trees with white bark and the inner, tall mallorn trees.

This is also where Aragorn and Arwen "plighted their troth." They vowed to marry and Arwen elected to remain on Middle-Earth and suffer the fate of mortals and not pass on to Aman. Fittingly, this is where Arwen laid herself to rest after which elanor and niphredil grew no longer outside of Aman.

(read The Lord of the Rings if you're wondering what all this gibberish is about)

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