In the modern world, a chastity device that encircles the waist of a man or a woman and prevents intercourse. Mostly used as a fetish item, often associated with rubber and leather fetishism, the chastity belt (of which various designs exist) can be just symbolic (anything made of rubber or leather) or actually effective (there are models made in stainless steel).

A modern chastity belt for women is usually composed of a waistband, designed to ride on the hips and a frontal "shield". In many designs this shield has a slit up to an inch wide; the labia minora protrude through this slit, and the small opening allows for urination and (a measure of) other hygienic activities, while preventing intercourse. It does not prevent oral stimulation or masturbation, though; to address this grievous problem, some belts come complete with a "secondary shield", namely a plaque or grille placed on the frontal shield over (but not in contact with) the labia. This secondary shield allow urination, though inconveniently, but prevents any contact with the genitals.

The frontal shield ends typically at the perineum. It can be joined with the back of the waistbelt in various ways, either by chains or by yet another shield - with varying degrees of inconvenience for the wearer and interference with his activities.

Occasionally (and paradoxically) complemented with things designed to excite the wearer and produce frustration, like dildos and vibrators. Other rarer accessories are the chastity bra and the thigh bands, designed to prevent the wearer from wearing trousers and opening hir legs beyond a certain degree. Most chastity belts can be locked in place, giving rise to delightful scenarios (not all of them funny) where the keys are lost/broken... The consensus is that anything that is both effective and usable for extended time needs to be custom made for the wearer's body shape. And no, it is not cheap either.

There are also other devices designed to prevent intercourse, like the penis tube and others more obscure, more often than not using genital piercings to bring those naughty bits under control.

Wow, I really want one! Where can I get it?

Most people reading this writeup will be amused, some will be repelled, and a certain fraction will be turned on. If you belong to said fraction, and you have a credit card burning a hole in your pocket, here is some information.

Chastity belts gan be gotten (obviously) on the WWW, where every little fetish has its little home (and in some cases many little homes, condos, malls and hotels).

  • one producer who is on the web is Access Denied: featuring some pictures by Eric Kroll, to be found at
  • an informational site at
  • a large site with a lot of information:

And of course, there is also the Chastity Belt Song:

Oh say, gentle maiden, may I be your lover
Condemn me no longer to moan and to weep
Struck down like a hawk, I lie wounded and bleeding
Oh let down your drawbridge, I'll enter your keep
Enter your keep nonie nonie, enter your keep nonie nonie
Let down your drawbridge, I'll enter your keep

Alas gentle errant, I am not a maiden
I'm married to Sir Oswald, that cunning old Celt
He's gone to wars for twelve months or longer
And he's taken the key to my chastity belt
Chastity belt nonie nonie, chastity belt nonie nonie
Taken the key to my chastity belt

Fear not gentle lady for I know a locksmith
To his shop we will go, on his door we will knock
And try to avail us of his technical knowledge
And see if he's able to unpick your lock
Unpick your lock nonie nonie, unpick your lock nonie nonie
See if he's able to unpick your lock

Alas sir and madam, to help I'm unable
My technical knowledge is to no avail
I can't find the secret to your combination
For the cunning old bastard has fitted a Yale
Fitted a Yale nonie nonie, fitted a Yale nonie none
The cunning old bastard has fitted a Yale

I come from the wars with dire news of disaster
A terrible mishap I have to confide
As my ship was a passing the Straits of Gibraltar
I carelessly dropped the key over the side
Over the side nonie nonie, over the side nonie nonie
Carelessly dropped the key over the side

Alas and alack I am locked up forever
Then up spoke the page boy "Leave it to me"
If you will allow me to enter your chamber
I'll open it up with me duplicate key
Duplicate key nonie nonie, duplicate key nonie nonie
Open it up with me duplicate key

Additional information: a chastity belt is metal. Metal, being metal, sets off metal detectors. The would-be wearer of chastity belts would do well to remember this important fact.

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