Please find here an extremely simple yet nutritional meal that will provide lots of energy. I cook this when I am either extremely poor or extremely tired.


Add all ingredients to a small saucepan, and fill the pot to the brim with water. Place on a gas or electric stove, and turn to medium heat. Walk away, and in about half an hour, come back to find a delicious meal waiting for you.

This small meal is perfect for anyone who is poor and needs something quick, simple and nutritional to eat. You will get a lot of energy from the noodles, whereas the lentils will provide you with some protein and iron. The stock cube (any flavour) will make the whole thing more palatable.

In Australia, you can get a packet of noodles for about 30c, a handful of lentils will cost you even less, and a stock cube is about 20c. If you buy these ingredients in bulk it can cost even less.

While you probably want to supplement your diet with more nutritious and enjoyable food, sometimes you're just too poor to!

If you're homeless, you can in fact do without the stove. Since cooking lentils and noodles is basically a process of getting them to absorb water, you can actually just leave the ingredients together in cold water for about 2 hours and then eat.

Enjoy your meal!

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