Bernie Little and Chet are partners in the Little Detective Agency. Bernie is an ex-soldier who has some wounds and also has a somewhat difficult love-life. A nice guy but perhaps not the best at business, he's had a few missteps when it comes to investing, such as the storage locker full of Hawaiian pants that nobody wants to buy.

Chet, who is the narrator of the series, has had some police training. He is by far the most upbeat of the partners and almost never lets life get him down. He often mentions how great the Little Detective Agency is doing--except, of course, for the finances. Chet's only failings are that he is easily distracted and can be quite excitable. But Chet and Bernie are not only partners, they are best friends.

This series of detective mysteries is written under the pseudonym Spencer Quinn, who is actually Peter Abrahams, a writer Stephen King has called his "favorite American suspense novelist." Under the Quinn nom de plume he also has written two Young Adult series: the Bowser and Birdie mysteries and the Queenie and Arthur mysteries.

The Chet and Bernie stories are serious adult mysteries, but are nevertheless filled with humor. By the way, did I mention? Chet is a dog.

Books in the Chet and Bernie series:

  1. Dog On It
  2. Thereby Hangs a Tail
  3. To Fetch a Thief
  4. The Dog Who Knew Too Much
  5. A Fistful of Collars
  6. The Sound And The Furry
  7. Paw and Order
  8. Scents and Sensibility
  9. Heart of Barkness
  10. Of Mutts and Men
  11. Tender Is The Bite
  12. It's A Wonderful Woof

Novellas / Shorter stories in e-book format:

  1. The Iggy Chronicles
  2. A Cat Was Involved
  3. Tail of Vengeance
  4. Santa 365

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