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Name given to several different charities that arose from a grassroots level, both within and outside the former Soviet Union, to provide aid and assistance to children living in heavily irradiated zones after the Chernobyl incident.

The primary mission of these ongoing charities is to provide summer-long, out-of-country vacations for the affected children, to give their bodies a chance to expel some of the excess radiation they absorb, drink, and eat. Things like a summer in France, or a summer in Florida, in the home of sponsor families.

A particularly vexing problem for these children today, some 14 years after the incident, is the astounding rate of thyroid cancers of various types.

Soon there will be
children of these children
progeny of the survivors

Soon there will be
more evidence for the scientists
a larger debate for the masses

enough years will elapse
that subsequent generations will become mundane;
will fade into the sameness of their countrymen

My prayer is for those children
that they will be blessed with that anonymity

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