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Little did you know that the path to true kung fu enlightenment leads through the winding road that is the chinese yo-yo.

Essentially, a chinese yo-yo is consists of a large spool, and a pair of sticks between which a string is tied. As you might expect, the object of the game is to keep the spool going as long as possible and to perhaps perform some downright nifty tricks along the way.

Getting it off the ground:
1. Put the spool on the ground and take a stick in each hand, so that the string runs between them and is untwisted.
2. Lower your dominant hand such that there's a fair amount of string on the side of your off-hand.
3. Walk in the direction of your off-hand rolling the spool along until it gains a fair amount of momentum.
4. Raise your dominant hand and bring the spool into the air. At this point it should be spinning rather happily on the string.

Keeping it off the ground:
1. Keep your off-hand as still and steady as possible.
2. Move your dominant hand up and down to keep the spool spinning.
3. Move your dominant hand forwards(away) and back(towards) you to keep the spool on the string.
4. Walk around the spool as is necessary to keep it going.

In as few as eight easy lessons, you too can look like a fool with this fun and ancient game.

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