A character in the videogame Parappa the Rapper. He owns you and is probably an indirect expression of God, whatever it might be.

Kick, Punch, it's all in the mind!
If you wanna test me, I'm sure you'll find
The things I teach ya
Are sure to beat ya
But nevertheless, you'll get a lesson from teacher now
Kick! (Kick!)
Punch! (Punch!)
Chop! (Chop!)
Block! (Block!)

Blah blah

Don't get cocky,
It's gonna get rocky
We're gonna move on to the next ya jockey now,
Duck! (Duck!)
Jump! (Jump!)
Turn! (Turn!)
Pose! (Pose!)
Listen carefully Jump! (Jump!)
Pose! (Pose!)
Duck! (Duck!)
and Turn (Turn!)
Hmm, Yeah, I see you're getting better
Kick to the limit, in order to get her now

Blah blah

Come on now, why don't you follow my words?
Because we're almost done, I'll make it easy at first
I wanna see if you wanna see
What it means to be the man with the master plan
Are you the man now?

Blah blah<

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