Songs about Christmas. Some of them are mostly tolerable for most of the year but become more and more unpleasant as December advances and Christmas carols are all you ever hear in stores, elevators, and anywhere else that plays music. Some others are nearly forgotten -- if they were revived, perhaps the overplayed ones would be heard less often and become less annoying.

Often, only the oldest, most traditional songs are referred to as "carols," but where exactly the dividing line between Christmas carols and holiday music is has never been specified. (yerricde suggests that "the difference between Christmas carols and other holiday music is that Christmas carols were first published before 1923.") Some things I would consider carols:

Of course, there are some Christmas Carols that are not quite as serious. Here's a sampling of "novelty" Christmas songs:

I know there's got to be more... /msg me with 'em and they will be added.

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