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Hero of the Wing Commander computer game series by Origin Systems. A man of honor, principles, and superior flying skills.

Blair has taken several forms over the years, the first of which was the main character from the original Wing Commander computer game. Blair (the default name) was a cartoonish blue-haired (blue hair, thus the name blair) pilot that had just been assigned to the TCS Tiger's Claw as a 2nd Lieutenant.

At the start of Wing Commander II, Blair (still the blue haired cartoon) had been demoted to Captain, and assigned to a backwater outpost (Caernarvon) by Admiral Tolwyn. Tolwyn (and many pilots in the Terran Confederation) believed that Blair was directly responsible for the destruction of the TCS Tiger's Claw, and often referred to him as 'The Coward of K'tithr'k Mang'. Blair developed a romantic relationship with the character of Angel.

In Wing Commander Three, Blair had cleared his name, and returned to front line duty in the war against the Kilrathi. Wing Commander Three marks the beginning of the use of Full Motion Video in the Wing Commander series. Star Wars actor Mark Hamill takes on the role of Blair as the wing commander on the TCS Victory. There, he met up with old friends such as Hobbes, and Maniac. Also, Blair had the opportunity to develop more romantic relations with ship mechanic Rachel Coriolis (played by porn star Ginger Lynn Allen) in the wake of Angel's disappearence. Wing Commander Three ended with Blair ending the terrible war with the Kilrathi in a similar way Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death Star: Blair flew into a canyon on the Kilrathi home planet, and dropped a fancy bomb into a fissure, and blew the planet up.

Wing Commander Four sees Mark Hamill reprising his role as Christopher Blair. With the war over, tension are on the rise between his beloved Terran Confederation and the Border Worlds. Which side is in the right? Which side will Blair choose? Moral dillemas like this are what really bring out Blair's character, thanks in large part to Mark Hamill's decent acting skills. Wing Commander Four ends (assuming the player has played well) with Blair taking a position at a flight school, where he still gets to fly. "You're either an earthworm or an eagle" Blair says, quoting his wingman Maniac (played by Tom 'Bif Tannen' Wilson).

The fifth Wing Commander game, Prophecy, sees Mark Hamill's Christopher Blair taking a backseat to a new player character Lance Casey. Blair, now with the rank of commodore, is one of the senior officers aboard the TCS Midway, a newly comissioned super carrier. Blair's role in Prophecy is that of a fatherly mentor to Lance Casey, who idolizes Blair. Over the course of Prophecy, Blair is subjected to bizarre and unspeakable alien experiments and torture, leaving deep, deep scars on his psyche. (Spoiler) The end of Prophecy seems to indicate that Blair was killed by a big alien bug creature, though there has been speculation that this death was left deliberately vague to faciliate Blair's reintroduction into the Wing Commander universe further down the road.

Blair has also been manifested in two other ways. The Wing Commander animated series, which had about 13 episodes aired on the USA Network, had a young version of Blair, and was voiced by veteran Blair actor Mark Hamill. The second manifestation was that of teenage heart-throb Freddie Prinze Junior in the movie interpretation of Wing Commander (in which Prinze's poor acting shone like a supernova).

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