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Chronic Talent Deficiency is a sad disease, most commonly manifest in members of the music community. Symptoms include an inability to create worthwhile content, a large fan base, and an insistence on being taken seriously.

The poster boy for CTD is Trent Reznor, as evinced by the plethora of NIN albums. Anyone who remembers the Quake soundtrack will agree. Other, examples include Dynamite Hack, Wheatus, boy bands, and Rage Against the Machine.

CTD doesn't only affect the music community, however. A famous historical sufferer of this was Gertrude Stein. Another is Thomas Hardy, author of Jude the Obscure and other books.

Chronic Talent Deficiency is not to be confused with Acute Talent Deficiency, which only strikes for short periods of time. An excellent example of this is Stephen King, who starts off his yarns exceptionally, but tends to finish rather badly. Examples of extreme bouts of ATD for King include Dolores Claiborne, The Tommyknockers, and Gerald's Game.

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