Every cigar aficionado needs to remember what cigars he or she has smoked throughout his or her lifetime. That person needs a cigar journal. A cigar journal should be of nice quality brown leather in order to match the look of your cigars and should reside underneath, on top, or near your humidor for easy access.

What to write in a cigar journal:

  1. The Company Name of the Cigar/Type of Cigar you are smoking.
  2. How did the cigar taste to you? Was it bitter, unpleasant, too mild, too heavy, not nutty enough, or just the way you like it.
  3. How did the cigar burn? Did the wrapper flake, did it burn evenly/unevenly ash up, did it go out quickly, or was it an even burning perfect cigar?
  4. How was the draw on the cigar? Did you have to suck hard in order to get smoke into your mouth, or was it as easy as breathing.
  5. Finally, write about whether your liked the cigar and would smoke it again. Compare it to other cigars you liked or disliked and maybe state if you would smoke it again.
  6. Every proper cigar smoker should mark the day in which he or she smoked the cigar in order to compare the difference if that person smokes the same cigar in the future.
  7. The last step to an entry in the cigar journal should be taking the label off of your cigar and neatly scotch-taping (or any clear tape) the label into the journal entry in order to preserve the cigar label.
Note: Once you have about 10-20 cigar entries, begin to identify your favorite cigars and order a box of your top favorites and make sure to compare them to what you wrote in your cigar journal as to identify the consistency of the cigars you are smoking! Enjoy!

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