Circus Animal cookies were created by Mother's Cake and Cookie Company of Oakland, California. At least, that's if we're to believe the claim of "Mother's Original Circus Animal Cookies" on the bag. Since their creation, various renditions have swept outward across the country, as the original is certainly one of the top 5 most addictive cookies on Earth.

Like many creations of great genius, Circus Animal cookies are exceedingly simple. Take some animal crackers (which are, of course, not really crackers at all), and dip them in either pink frosting or white frosting, at random. Let them dry a bit, then sprinkle rainbow jimmies on top, which will become embedded as the icing dries completely.

The mere animal cracker inside this conflagration absorbs fats and oils from the frosting, so by the time a Circus Animal makes it out of the bag and into your mouth, its texture has ceased to be crackery and is instead slightly chewy, but still substantial. Biting through the smooth, congealed frosting to the harder-but-still-yielding cookie inside makes for one of the most satisfying mouth feel experiences of which a mass-produced snack can boast. And, um, they're sweet.

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