2018 Jan 30

10 minutes: Four pugs on the same balcony

They were there yesterday too. They bumped into one another - fortunately for them, the bars were close enough to prevent them from falling off.

The curtain was being blown by the wind - a sheer, nearly transparent one, white, as if a ghost danced above them.

Where was their owner? Today she was nowhere to be seen, but that wasn't so in the past. Sometimes she would watch the lights blinking on and off across the city, though she was probably thinking about something else, even as the pugs competed for her attention. Occasionally she would grace one or the other with a pat on the head, but they were clearly not her focus. The city itself wasn't her focus either. Maybe she was just trying to clear her thoughts.

Today there was nothing but her pugs, crawling over one another. The day after the pugs were gone too but the ghostly curtain was still blowing in the wind. Nobody had bothered to close the balcony door.

A week later, someone new appeared on the balcony, someone who did not seem familiar with its curves. She sweeped it up a bit and went inside. The doors to the balcony closed and the white curtain drifted still and moved no more.

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