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Ciudad Victoria is the capital of the state of Tamaulipas, in Mexico. It is located 440 miles from Mexico City on Mexico Highway 85, and lies on the San Marcos River at the foot of the Sierra Madre Oriental. At latest count, its population was about 190,000.

The city was founded in 1750 under the name "Santa Maria de Aguayo", and when it became the capital of Tamaulipas state. In 1825 it was renamed after Don Guadalupe Victoria, the first president of Mexico after the revolution.

Ciudad Victoria is on the Pan-American Highway. The region is also known for bass fishing and game hunting. It is home to a number of state universities as well. In Ciudad Victoria you can find the Estefania Castañeda Parque Infantile (Stephanie Castañeda Childrens Park), considered one of the best parks in the country.

Besides being a seat of government, Ciudad Victoria is also a source of agricultural products and lumber. Due to its convenient location, equidistant from Tampico (the oil port), Monterrey (a financial center), and Matamoros (a border crossing to the US), it is a major trade distribution center.


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