The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (commonly known as CASA) is the Australian government body for "conducting the safety of civil air operations in Australia and the operation of Australian aircraft overseas." (from the CASA web site, It also provides air safety educational and training programmes. It is Australia's equivalent of the US's Federal Aviation Administration.

CASA is a body corporate, separate from the Commonwealth, etablished on 6 July 1995. Its powers are detailed in the Civil Aviation Act 1988 and the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 and 1998. It is managed by a Director of Aviation Safety and the CASA Board, which is responsible to the Minister for Transport and Regional Services.

CASA is the body that issues all Australian pilot and aircraft maintainer licences, certifies pilot training schools, regulates aircraft handling procedures and produces all the myriad manuals and paperwork that are necessary for aviation in this day and age.

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