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ClanBomber is an excellent clone of the Bomberman games. The basic idea is simple: Players control their own characters (various characters are available, Tux and BSD Daemon are there too...) on the level and place bombs there, trying to blow each other up (but not blow themselves up, of course).

It is probably the best Bomberman clone ever made for *NIXes. It is based on (as the name implies) ClanLib, one of the first good game development libraries that were available for *NIXes. It caused a few oohs and aahs back when it was first released (1999) and is still pretty attractive.

The next version - ClanBomber v2 - will use DirectFB and OpenAL instead of ClanLib, and will also support network play!

It has nice, (darkly) humorous sounds too, and characters look somewhat darkly humorous too when blown up. =)

Developed by Fischlustig. The game is distributed under GPL.

Home pages: http://www.clanbomber.de/ and http://clanbomber.sourceforge.net/

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