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"Heterosexuality's historic monopoly on reproduction is now obsolete." -Randolfe Wicker

The Clone Rights United Front is the first pro-human cloning organization, which formed the day Dolly, the famous cloned sheep, was brought into the world. Lead by Randolfe Wicker, the famous gay rights activist, the organization believes that cloning can be used as a way for a homosexual couples to have children.

When the United States began their pursuit to make human cloning illegal, and a punishable offense that would lead to jail time, the Clone Rights United Front struck back against them. Randolfe Wicker, as a representative for the CRUF, testified in front of the U. S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Commerce, and the New York State Senate, in opposition to anti-cloning legislation.

Along with their vocal opposition to ban human cloning, the CRUF also created a pamphlet with what they called "The Clone Bill Of Rights", which expressed the organization’s view that governmental and religious institutions have no right to legally interfere in reproductive freedom and choice.

"The Clone Bill Of Rights" is made up of three main points:

  1. Every person's DNA is his or her personal property. To have that DNA cloned into another extended life is part and parcel of his or her right to control his or her own reproduction.
  2. Constitutionally, that right is assigned to neither state legislatures, nor to the federal government, nor to religious authorities. It is "reserved" to each and every citizen, to decide if, how and when to reproduce.

  3. Research, not rhetoric, and/or freedom-limiting legal restrictions, is the only way to discover the real effects of cloning. Restrictions on research into cloning of humans should not even be considered unless real social harm can be demonstrated.

Ironically, the Clone Rights United Front were one of the first groups to doubt Clonaid’s claim that they had produced the first human clone. However, their hopes remain high, as they suspect that the first human clone will be born sometime in late 2003.



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