(Question- Do daydreams count?   Answer- of course they do)  



This is a dream about a conversation with my Grandmother,  who has been dead for many years.  She was telling me about her first job when she was in High School. 


I had forgotten about it until just today.  I was in a grocery store I could smell the man in front of me buying cherry flavored cigars.   When I was a Junior in  High school my Uncle  (you never met him,  Arnie, what a guy- what a Prince, but anyway)  Arnie got me a job at a very nice restaurant downtown.  It was a steak place and very Ritzy.   A very nice place.    It was the sort of place you went for special occasions- new job, anniversaries and the like.  

I was a coat check girl and I had a very nice uniform.  I remember it was black slacks,  a starched white shirt and red velvet vest.   I had to get to work at 5 and I worked to 9,  10 on Saturdays.   I took coats and hats from men and coats and scarves from women.  Back then,  men wore hats pretty much everywhere.  I handed customers half a sheet a paper with a number on it- and then would pin the other half on the piece of clothing.   

After dinner they would come back with the numbers and pick up their clothes.   They didn't have to tip- but they usually did.  Sometimes men winked at me, but I don't think they meant any harm.   I had to split the tip with the hostess,  but she was nice about and sometime gave me an extra dollar if it was a busy night.

I used to come home on the bus and I smelled like those cherry scented cigars the whole way home.   I hadn't thought about that for years until today.   


That is what she told me, in the dream.  












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