This is a meta-node; there were so many code names from so many different organizations that it seems silly to list them all on one page. Even in its first iteration, I have 263 U.S. Army code words from WWII.

Ultimately I would like to have this point to pages for code names in the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, the Wehrmacht, Japanese army, and so forth. Ultimately, we might have a meta-meta-node that points to this page as well as to pages for code names from other wars, diplomatic crises, and so forth.

I am adding code names only in their original languages, and only if they were 'official' names that would have been recognized by the head of the service using them. By maintaining separate lists for each service, I minimize the number of code names that have multiple definitions (though in a few cases the same code did get used more than once within the same service during the war). Please let me know if you spot any redundancies or anything missing from this page or from any of the pages it links to.

U.S. Army code names in World War II
Japanese code names in World War II
German code names in World War II

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