Coenred is an Old English name derived from 'coen' meaning bold or fierce and 'red' meaning wisdom or counsel.

King of Mercia (704-709)
Born circa 654 Died sometime after 709

Coenred was the son of Wulfhere and succeeded to the throne of Mercia in the year 704 after his uncle Aethelred had abdicated to become a monk a Bardney Abbey in Lindsey.

There are no details recorded of his five year reign. In the year 709 he followed the example set by his uncle and abdicated to become a monk as well. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle tells us that he left for Rome and "was there to the end of his life".

He was succeeded by his cousin Ceolred, the son of Aethelred.

King of Northumbria (716-718)

Coenred, the son of Cuthwine, who himself claimed descent from Ida, the reputed founder of the kingdom of Bernicia, became king of Northumbria by virtue of his participation in the killing of the previous incumbent, Osred.

Having dealt with Osred, he claimed the throne for himself and ruled for two uneventful years. The Venerable Bede is remarkably silent on the subject; but then at the time he was writing, the reigning king of Northumbria was one Ceolwulf, who just happened to be Coenred's brother, and he may well have felt it politic to make no comment.


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