Employee Handbook:  


Section 5 -  Policy on anonymity


When filling in-store orders,  please remember to ask customers for a name- so we can both personalize their order and also have a name to write on their beverage cup.   This assists in making sure the correct order goes to the correct person.    

When an order is complete- the person completing the order can then call out their name in a loud, clear voice- to ensure that the customer knows that their order is ready.   Saying the order outloud helps to make sure customers can hear the name above the music and every day conversations of both staff and customers.  It also helps to make sure that customers do not mis-hear their name for someone elses.  


*Special note*  Occasionally customers may make up "fictional names" for themselves,  in an attempt to show humor and/or protect their identity.  This is allowed and you do not need to argue with the customer to require them to use their "real name"  when making an order.   Hamlet and King Kong are both allowed to order coffee at our stores.   

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