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It's like opening a Christmas present, you pull the best breakfast treat ever out of a box.

I frequently don't have time to make something for breakfast before work, and that's why cold pizza is a great grab and run food. Cold pizza is left-over pizza put in the refrigerator and eaten cold at a later time. The cardinal sin of reheating pizza is against any cold pizza lover’s morals. I prefer it as a breakfast treat. There are a lot of types of pizzas, and lots of brands, and thus a lot of personal preference in pizza styles. However, not very many pizzas actually make good cold pizza. Your crust or dough is the biggest contributing factor to “tasty” cold pizza. If it’s a thin crust, it’s likely not a good choice because it goes stale. If there is fruit on the pizza, like pineapple could be on a Hawaiian variety, it may go soggy. If it’s a deep pan variety, it’s also too greasy and will go stale.

For these reasons I suggest Domino’s Pizza, my favorite being Canadian bacon and black olives. Pepperoni pizza also makes a good choice because it’s a bit greasier, but not too greasy, so this avoids the stale or soggy issues. If the pizza is sloppily made, with too much sauce or messy cheese, your pizza will also suffer fall apart status. If your pizza tasted good when it was first made/hot then it’s likely a good candidate for cold pizza. But to improve your chances at good cold pizza besides its own creation, you should let your pizza cool down before you put it in the refrigerator. Putting it into the fridge too quickly makes it go soggy because it retains moisture. Putting it into the fridge too late makes it go stale. For these reasons I suggest 30-60 minutes. You also should be aware of food borne illnesses that can be problematic, especially with leaving pizza out too long. Cold pizza peaks in its best taste 2 days after its creation. Don’t eat pizza older than 5 days, or risk getting sick. Store your pizza in Tupperware, do not just put the pizza box in the fridge like a college prone student.

  • Thin crusts (stale)
  • Fruit (soggy)
  • Sloppy pizza (too much sauce, messy cheese)
  • Thick crust
  • Greasy meats
  • Wait at least 30 mins to put the pizza in the fridge

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Cold Pizza was also a television morning sports talk show that was shown on weekday mornings on ESPN2. It aired October 20, 2003May 4, 2007. I briefly saw the show flipping through channels, and remember a bunch of sports guys talking in the morning about players, their abilities, and really cool plays. The Cold suggests its not hot news per se, and the Pizza suggesting its still interesting. SportsCenter personalities were part of the cast. The show was replaced by a similar show called ESPN First Take.

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