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'Colour or Country' is something of a party game, suitable for any number of people greater than or equal to 2. The game is deceptively simple, but allows for many layers of strategy; much of the complexity is hidden deep beneath the surface.

The rules are as follows:
  1. Players take turns in order; on your turn, you name a colour or a country.
  2. If you name a country, you lose.
Despite the apparent simplicity, the amount of strategy employed by expert players is truly amazing.

The 2002 Colour or Country World Championships were held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and were hosted by Mathcamp 2002. The reigning Colour or Country champion is Cortland Setlow, of the United States of America.

Some advice on how to play successfully, from one of the better-known professional players:
The key is that if you play to "win"... it'll get boring very quickly. It's especially fun to play late in the morning. To wit:

Cortland: "Caramelized onion caramel."
Player 1: "Caramelized onion onion."
Player 2: "Onion onion."
... (some intervening space)
Player 1: "Onion onion onion."

We don't know what sort of color onion onion onion is... but it most definitely is. As is Peru, and as is Taiwan (which is a sort of light pink - the pink of pink lemonade).

For further information, see: sarcasm

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