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This classic war comic is still in publication, probably the last of it's kind to still survive. The first issues were in July 1961, when the format was reasonable common. It is a 5 1/2 x 7 inch, 68 page black and white comic with a glossy cover - the outer cover is colour and includes a summary of the story within. Each issue is completely self contained and four issues are published each fortnight. The C of Commando on the cover is integrated with a stilleto to provide a simple, memorable symbol.

The standard story, for the last fifteen to twenty years at least, involves a chap who is wronged and how sticking to his principles - and finding a good mate - gets him through. The protagonist often suffers at the hands of stiff necked rule followers. The treatment of the enemy tends to be highly stereotypical but nevertheless most interesting in the wat it has developed to tread between the lines. From ancient memory, the Germans only tended to say "Achtung", "Jawohl", "Dummkopf" and "Arrgh" whilst the Japanese were restricted to "These Englanders Fight Like Pigs". Whilst the magazine maintains itself at least in part through reprinting older issues, it is unlikely that such early stories are often brought to late in these more enlightened times. In recent years (decades?), there are often good, ordinary Germans, who are fighting for their country with honour and who disagree with the total war position of the evil SS. The Japanese have undergone a similar revision.

The vast majority are set during World War II, with about half set in the European theatre of that war. A good proportion of the rest are set in parts of the Pacific theatre were British soldiers were active. The standard set of four for a fortnight would feature two Army, one Navy and one Air Force story. As time goes by, the formula has varied a little, with more stories now set in the First World War and some even have late twentieth century mercenaries as protagonists! An indication of how the magzine has moved with the times is that the subtitle has moved from "War Stories with Pictures" to "For Action and Adventure".

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