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The Concise version of the Oxford English Dictionary is actually the one most people are familiar with. It consists of one volume of approximately 1700 pages. The concise version is a useful dictionary for normal use. All common words are listed, only the most obscure or outdated words are left out. There have been 11 editions since 1911, with 3 editions (and 2 updates) published since 1990. This points to a definite trend in dictionary publishing: everything is easier with a database

The entries for each word are short, omitting most history. The entry gives pronunciation in the IPA, different meanings for the word, plural form for nouns and inflections for verbs. Most meanings are labelled for their specific use (e.g. colloquialism) and one or more phrases with the word are supplied. If the origin of a word can be ascertained, that is supplied as well.

The "Oxford Concise" is the dictionary to own, giving accurate meanings and enough information, without becoming overbearing. It strikes the balance between completeness and omission just right. I know this from experience with other dictionaries, which I had strayed to, before reaching the right path that is the OED. And I have a lot of dictionaries in my life and in my possession, because English is not my first language. I own a pair of Dutch-English translation dictionaries and two English dictionaries to use when I'm thinking in English.

facts for the 11th (revised) edition

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