Cooper's-Bennington Spring Needle Underwear was a popular brand of men's underwear, promoted during World War I as offering a "True Fit For America's Finest." Produced by the Black Cat Textiles Co., it was a full body underwear garment that offered durabilty and comfort to America's soldiers and working men alike.

The following is the text of an advertisement that has fallen into the public domain, that was published in the October 13, 1917 edition of The Saturday Evening Post:

"Astride the wheel-horse of a plunging fieldpiece, guiding a tractor plow, or training a battleship's guns; three thousand feet o'erhead or knee deep in trench mud; bombing an outpost or buying supplies; wherever you find American manhood you will also find real appreciation for Cooper's-Bennington Spring Needle Underwear.

Cooper's-Bennington is made to meet men's needs. It fits in any posture. In field or factory, gun turret or counting-house; in the homeless wilderness, or the great city's wilderness of homes, Cooper's-Bennington is a first choice of men who demand utmost comfort, utmost service and reasonable price. It assures TRUE FIT FOR AMERICA'S FINEST

Cooper's Spring Needle Fabric gained Cooper's-Bennington the name "three year underwear." The close Spring Needle stitch, drawn tight in the knitting, requires a full mile more of yarn than ordinary underwear, but gives a full year more of wear.

The closed crotch, the French neck, the flat unchafing seams, the shoulder insert, shaped legs, rib knit cuffs and ankles all add to the comfort, fit and wear service of the garment.

Dealers who buy and sell on a quality basis will gladly supply you with Cooper's-Bennington Underwear in sizes and styles and prices which will be found suitable to your needs."

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