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There are supposedly five kinds of Cornish faery.

  1. The Pobel Vean or the Small People,
  2. The Spriggans;
  3. The Piskies;
  4. The Knockers;
  5. The Brownies.

The Pobel Vean are the most faery-like whilst the Spriggan is said to be something like a troll, with a love of petty theft. The Piskies are mischevious fellows fond of leading mortal man astray whilst the Knockers dwell in the mines and guide the Cornish tin miners to the whereabouts of the veins of tin with their knocking. The Brownie is a house faery who devotes his time to the care of whatever family has chosen to share his abode.

There are some that argue that the Pobel Vean, Spriggans, and Piskies are all one and the same, but then I dare say that we all look the same to them as well.

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