The Sovereign Principality of Corvinia is a micronation, founded in 1997 by Prince Peter I Ravn (that would be me).

Like most other micronations (there are many), Corvinia is part serious, part a joke. In the micronational world, however, Corvinia is generally considered one of the more serious and established of nations - which just goes to weird micronationalism is.

Corvinia considers itself a nation rather than a state - that is, a group of people devoted to a common identity, rather than a political body devoted to controlling territory. The territorial 'claims' of Corvinia, including such diverse locations as Montecristo, Surtsey, and Easter Island, are therefore to be considered Corvinia's spiritual homeland, rather than actual land claims.

Physically, Corvinia is largely based in the macronation of Denmark. If Corvinia has a national character, to differentiate it from other micronations, it is of a certain scholarly humour, and a national aversion to soccer (which is actually banned).

Population (Feb. 2, 2001): 49

Languages: English, Danish, Interlingua

Corvinia maintains a website: (accept no substitutes)

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